Unpleasant skies can ruin the exterior images of a property, dull skies or drizzle can spoil the aesthetics of a house, but in spite images of the house is shot even in these conditions and uploaded to a graphics editor. Photoshop experts use the tools to clip out the sky and change it to a much pleasing one to help homeowners post pleasing to the eye images of their homes over the internet. By doing this, not only are the homes much clearer to view but also get sold faster.


For a long time now, realtors and homeowners have had a hard time selling houses as even at the best of conditions, they tend to find it hard to convince buyers without the staging process. The Introduction of computers and Photoshop has helped the Real Estate business in a huge way. It not only gives realtors more time to persuade buyers, but also a chance to furnish the property in different ways without having to spend much on the traditional staging.


Especially on the exterior side of things, the Sky Replacement process is the best way to showcase the property with the most pleasant of skies. Due to the photographer’s tight schedule, they sometimes cannot wait for clear skies to get the shoot done, they instead make use of the Sky Replacement service to get the job done away from the spot. The need to keep up with their schedules requires them to shoot in any condition but in order to make the sale, one has to provide clear cut images over the internet.


Outsource Infotech has set up a team of expert editors who can identify the areas of the image that require sky change and do the needful. Although it sounds simple, it certainly is not, it takes hours of training and dedication to get the job done quickly and without any errors. Some of the images contain trees or objects behind which the skies are visible, these are the ones that can be tricky to edit considering the intricacies of selecting the portions and replacing sky in the appropriate areas.



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