Traditional staging is a procedure that is followed around the world for a long time to show buyers what they can expect from the house they are soon going to own. It is a way of portraying the kind of furniture that can be used to make the house their home. In recent times, many have diverted their ways to a simpler most convincing way of getting their properties sold. Traditional staging takes a lot of time and effort to set up, generally realtors or homeowners hire or borrow furniture to stage the house for an open house. For years, people have found traditional staging the best solution to convince buyers and make sales,  but the growth of technology has made a huge mark in the real estate business.


Computers and editing software like Photoshop has enabled editors to interior decorate a property at will. It not only gives them a chance to decorate a house, but also a chance to express themselves and show off their creativity. In order to showcase a house one has to lay out proper furniture and lights in the appropriate areas of the house. Virtual Staging, as the name suggests, is a way of virtually displaying the property with different kinds of interior decorations.


The process is much cheaper and simpler compared to renting the furniture, staging and conducting an open house. Plus traditional staging is expensive, not all realtors have the budget to conduct an open house. Most of the realtors move onto the next step because staging costs approximately 3 to 4% of the asking price for the property.


For more than most, this is a skeptic’s move and only 5 to 10% of the listings are using the Virtual Staging service but rest assured this technique has saved both time and money for all the realtors and homeowners who have boldly gone for it. Not only is virtual staging the best way of marketing your listings, but costs half as much as traditional staging. Editors are open to staging office properties as well. Real Estate agents use these digitally enhanced images on their websites to attract buyers.


Virtual Staging at Outsource Infotech is offered at low cost, and we do not compromise with quality.


  • Relatively cheaper when compared to ‘traditional staging’.

  • Furnitures can be added or removed.

  • Save precious time and money.

  • Furnitures can be moved/modified as per your requirements.




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