Drone Photography is now a very common term. Companies who require high quality images to showcase their Real Estate property use the Drone Photography method. Although there are numerous advantages to using the Drone Photography like aerial view of the property and to recognize it's position compared to the surroundings, it has a few disadvantages as well. Biggest disadvantage being that the drone images are taken on the go and therefore cannot be crystal clear, therefore the necessity of Drone Image Enhancement.


The services that we provide to get your Drone photographs edited are as follows-

  • Image Retouching: retouching of the images to enhance the sky and the buildings.

  • HDR: color and contrast correction can be done during the HDR Blending process.

  • Perspective Correction: Correction of the horizontal and vertical distortion in the images.

  • Color Cast: As the drone captures images from a higher altitude, the white balance can waver. Color Cast Removal process is used to enhance the image based on the aesthetics.

  • Removal of Objects: There can be more than one unwanted objects in the image and the same will be removed in this process.

  • Image Stitching: Finally, the best images are stitched together to provide a wide-angle view of the property.

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