Outsource Infotech was started as a small firm in 2008 in the heart of Bangalore and grew gradually overtaking most of our competitors through hard work and dedication. We work as a unit and enjoy each others’ company. Quality has always been of primary importance to us, we do not in any case compromise on that.  We have now set up offices in 2 different parts of TN (Salem and Erode) and expanded our services worldwide. The reason for our success is not just hard work and dedication, but the sense of responsibility as well, each of our employees have been handed a responsibility which without being checked is taken care of without fail. This keeps the hierarchy happy and the growth of the company is consistent.  Every employee at Outsource Infotech is given equal respect and a chance to come out with their ideas.



Our motive to provide the best Image solutions in quick time. The ideas that are collected from employees will be discussed every week and the inputs are well appreciated. The point is to keep every level of the organization healthy and creative. Our system and software is up to date and our employees are well trained in all the latest tech developments. We have also added software and web development to our domain, the teams are working in tandem for the upliftment of our company. Training employees every 2 months to keep them sharp at work and to get work done faster. Discussions on features of Photoshop that can help editors get the job done faster take place very often based on the client’s requirements.



Delivering quality images on time is a task that cannot be handled by a layperson or a person with little experience, it takes hard work and dedication over time to get it done faster and consistently. Backup editors available for every process in case of any absence. Movement of images over the internet has become frequent and appealing mainly because people are getting accustomed to the idea of searching for products, real estate properties over the internet and clear cut images will persuade them towards buying. Creativity and perfection is an attribute that every editor in the firm possesses. We will continue to provide the best quality outcome for many years to come. The professionalism shown by our employees is appreciable and unnerving. We offer to work hand in hand with our clients which by virtue helps the growth of both the businesses.


Our Strength:

  • Understanding the requirements of the clients and handling the job at hand accordingly.
  • Every process is handled by a different team and a QC checks the output before uploading the files.
  • Zero compromise with quality and delivery.
  • More than a decade’s experience in Photo Editing.
  • Commitment to short and long term projects.
  • Use of high end systems and software to get the job done quickly.

  • English (UK)