The word restoration means to bring back what was assumed as lost or destroyed. Most often restoration is a term that is concerned with images. The days of using cameras which had films in them has passed, but people usually store those images in a storage unit for years. When they are found and recovered, most of them tend to be damaged and requires restoration.


The process of image restoration is quite complicated in comparison with other image related solutions. Most of the images are heavily damaged and to find the true sense of the image is often a herculean task. Every image should be thoroughly checked in order to understand its importance. Every such image would bear a memory that the client would be closely related to. The task of recovering and restoring such images falls into the hands of the graphic editors of the firm.


Photographs tend to lose their original self through age and a few editing techniques can make them as good as new. Parts of the image torn off, dirt and scratches are caused due to unruly circumstances and bad storage areas. Processing of images to remove dust, dirt, restore the torn areas and painting over the images where damage is visible, color correction and much more is done during the Image Restoration process. Outsource Infotech and its brilliant editors promise to restore the best features of your images.


Different types Restoration,


  • Restore image from folds.

  • Restoration of torn off areas.

  • Restoration of water damage.

  • Restoration of mold damage.

  • Correction of color and contrast and more…


Our services are availed by many around the world, as we promise to provide quality outcomes at affordable prices.

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